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The British Isles has the highest number of airfields per square mile of anywhere in Europe, many of which are little more than grass strips and small runways. The PC-12 NG makes it possible to turn this opportunity into tangible and practical versatility, in all the comfort, style, safety and dependability that a Swiss manufacturer can assure. If the Sport Utility Vehicle gave the people of the British Isles motoring versatility Oriens Aviation and Pilatus does the equivalent for the skies.
The PC-12NG

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The Pilatus PC-12 continues to offer outstanding value whilst ticking so many boxes for its owners – no wonder it is the top selling turbo prop in its class worldwide, says Edwin Brenninkmeyer CEO of Oriens Aviation (pictured right)
Since 1994 the spacious and comfortable Pilatus PC-12 NG has been regarded as exceptionally economical to operate.

• The PC-12 can fly up to 9 passengers.
• Fly a maximum range of 1700 miles.
• Fly with the airliners above the lower level rough weather due to its luxurious pressurised cabin.
• Speed across the sky at a steady max cruise 320 mph.
• Fly to and from most airfields and airports for convenience, even those with grass runways!
• Carry bulky cargo that can be pallet loaded through its cargo door (motorcycles, jet skis etc)
• Give the pilots airline style navigation and flight systems.
• And holds it residual value (80% after 10 years!)
• And even has a proper enclosed, fully flushing loo!
• Desirable at $4.9m USD

This explains why 53% of PC-12 owners upgrade to another PC-12 as their next aircraft! To fully appreciate how the PC-12 will boost your travel plans, please contact us now to arrange a demonstration flight to somewhere you need to travel conveniently in style, speed and safely.

The PC-12 NG
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