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The British Isles has the highest number of airfields per square mile of anywhere in Europe, many of which are little more than grass strips and small runways. The PC-12 NG makes it possible to turn this opportunity into tangible and practical versatility, in all the comfort, style, safety and dependability that a Swiss manufacturer can assure. If the Sport Utility Vehicle gave the people of the British Isles motoring versatility Oriens Aviation and Pilatus does the equivalent for the skies.
The PC-12NG

View The 2016 PC-12NG in The UK

Following a successful display of the 2016 version of the luxurious and versatile PC-12 NG at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and at Aero Expo in July, many people are booking demonstration flights to experience the comfort, convenience and luxury of this best-selling single-engine turboprop. The PC-12 NG now offers a fiveblade composite propeller and a variety of aerodynamic enhancements resulting in a higher cruise speed, better takeoff and climb performance and a greater range – all for the same fuel consumption. The PC-12 NG’s maximum cruise speed has been increased to 285 knots (528 km/h). The takeoff distance required is just 793 m (2,600 ft) to the 15 m screen height. At maximum takeoff mass the new PC-12 NG is capable of attaining a cruising altitude of 8,535 m (28,000 ft) almost three minutes faster than previous models. The aircraft’s maximum range has also been slightly extended to 3,405 km (1,840 NM) with VFR reserves.

Pilatus has also joined forces with Designworks, a BMW Group Company, to create a range of innovative and stylish designs, using new materials and colours, for the spacious PC-12 NG cabin.

Edwin Brenninkmeyer, the CEO at Biggin Hill based Oriens Aviation, the UK and Ireland distributor for Pilatus, says that the PC-12 NG is always in demand worldwide and owners who buy new tend to hold on to them due to the low operating costs and functional benefits a very long range before refuelling, great payload (loads of room for baggage/cargo) and its ability to land and depart from small airfields and grass airstrips unlike its competitors. It’s also favoured for family travel as it has a built in and fully enclosed toilet.

“Pre owned PC-12s do not stay in the sales hangar for long. The demand for these highly respected marvels of Swiss design and engineering has been a phenomenon within business aviation for two decades. The aircraft fortunately remains very much in a niche of its own,” said Edwin Brenninkmeyer.

Edwin Brenninkmeyer invites you to “Grabb” (note the Reg!) a close look at our new demonstrator and arrange a demonstration flight.
The PC-12 NG
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